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We offer an original approach in equipping executives to drive strategic innovation and executional excellence.

Solving the Enterprise Innovation Governance

Navigating the enterprise change agenda while constantly thinking of future innovation requirements is the key necessity for success in today's rapidly evolving business environment.


the background

Clarity of purpose, strategic enterprise-wide innovation, and excellency in execution are key goals of today's enterprise.

the dream

What if you were able to master the continuous adoption of new strategies to changing circumstances, whilst managing the existing ones...

                       ...versus a static one-off effort to define the company strategy, with a break-down into lenghty and rigid operational plans. 

the freedom

Imagine empowering your Board  to ”live” the company’s strategies through an innovative methodology that blends business change expertise, processes and structures enabled through technology...                                  ...avoid the trap of a company strategic plan that is often static, ambiguous and without the critical understanding of successes and failures, in the unrelenting internal and external changing landscape.

the solution

Solveig offers an enterprise innovation methodology, supported by a light cloud-based tool to help your company navigate to successful change.

an innovative approach

Who, what, to whom, why

who, what, to whom, why

Practitioners with relevant knowledge

The founding partners have extensive experiences developed from a variety of branded FMCG global companies
using governance models for managing innovative strategic processes.

Easy Governance model

We propose a ready to be adopted governance methodology supported by easy to use cloud based customizable modules.

Ready for the Board

SolvEIG is meant for executive boards with business complexities and interdependencies thinking about transforming the governance of the enterprise's innovation agenda.

Solving the complexity

It is not about re-inventing your company’s strategies but enabling you to ”live” them fully, through the right mix of governance and technology.

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