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Q & A

We believe that our strategies are clear, why should we engage with you?

SolvEIG boosts the delivery and constant innovation of your strategies, not the development of them. It will result in visible understanding of your company’s success or actionable course correction. It will improve the key stakeholders effectiveness and the engagement of the organization at large.

What is the team that you will dedicate to us?

We are a start-up organization and as such will dedicate 100% of our resources to you. You will be our unique focus. The on-site team interacting with you will be composed of 2 very experienced consultants. The technology customization will be done off-site by a dedicated team of developers. The approx. time spent on-site will be 50%.

How much will you tailor your technology to us?

We have a flexible multi-dimensional technology. The customization will be mostly about aligning your company specific strategies and set-up to the technology to fully deliver the governing value

What are the major obstacles to your approach?

Apart from the prerequisites that we talked about, it is important that the key players experience the value of SolvEIG and live by it.

How much effort will your approach take once we adopt it?

Initially it might take some effort to adopt to the new ways of working. Later it will actually increase your efficiency in managing your strategies and your speed of decision. Overall we believe that you will substantially reduce the “wasted effort” in managing strategies and improve its effectiveness.

How much will this approach change our way of dealing with strategies?

If your process of strategy formulation and planning is a periodic one-off exercise, it will radically change the way you govern the strategy framework.

If you already have a on-going strategy formulation and management process, it will dramatically enhance it.

Which functions are impacted by this change?

The biggest impacts are at the Board, strategy team and project teams level. It will however trigger down into the organization at large.

What are the major benefits of your approach?

Increase in consistency, transparency, integration and innovation. All elements that are key to have clarity of direction and excellence in execution. Our methodology will create a competitive advantage for your company.

How do we ensure that you do not create a administrative monster?

The combination of process, structure and technology will deeply challenge clarity, consistency and integration of your strategies. This will drive immense focus on what matters, why and how to realize it. This will ensure that only what is relevant get’s managed.

How do you measure the SolvEIG approach success?

In 2 ways: firstly in the degree of adoption and satisfaction of Board and key stakeholders; secondly in the attainment of the defined company success.

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